Before we begin our little tour here at my online home, I urge you to get comfortable and please enjoy your visit!


First some formalities.


| Experience, Education & Skills |

Three years of studying: Two year diploma, learning traditional animation, stop motion and the importance of layout and composition. Third year consisted of specialising in 3D animation and VFX, this is where I started to find myself and knew that this is what I wanted to do, what I wanted to be.

I completed my studies at the end of 2012, started working mid 2013 and am still loving it, although there is still a lifetime of skills, technique and software to learn and absorb.

I primarily work as a 3D generalist using multiple software packages: Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema4D, Mudbox, Zbrush and VRay.

3D pairs very well with 2D and compositing which I am also equipped for with knowledge and experience in Photoshop, After Effects and Illustrator.

My skills include modelling, texturing, rigging, animating, lighting, rendering, compositing and concept design.


Now, a little bit about me as person and not just a spec-sheet.


| From Start to Finish |

I have always been passionate about games and all things CG. The challenge of creating a world from scratch, a world from my mind and being able to share this world, this idea in a visually stimulating and creative manner is incredibly exciting and fulfilling. Initially this is what drew me to explore animation and the creative industry as a whole.

For those of you who are still reading, thanks! I do animation because I enjoy it, I have fun doing it and if it wasn't my career, I would be doing it in my spare time anyway. This isn't just a a job, this is a hobby and more importantly a passion, a passion that is growing as I do, growing as I learn and become a better artist. You could say that the passion and skills feed off of each other, as I improve I become more passionate, as I become more passionate I throw myself at a project and learn, ultimately improving. And so the cycle repeats...


Ok seriously?! Stop reading this and go look at my work!


Still here? Fine, here is some more splurb. I do intend to enter the realm of game development, be it level design, character artist, environment artist or what have you. Until then though, I will try to improve myself in whatever fields I can, always learning and adapting. That's the plan anyway...


| Interests & Hobbies |

Nosey buggers still want more information out of me?! It's time for interests and hobbies then...

  • Video Gaming - PC mostly, bit of Xbox when I can summon up the skill to use those damn controllers.
  • Drumming - Though I'm still very much an amateur and never been in any kind of band, drumming is probably the only thing I'd want to do for a living outside of animation.
  • Music - If it stirs an emotion, then it's doing the job right, though sometimes all you need is something fun.
  • Photography - Certainly not professional as I do not own a camera at the time of writing this, rather a very impressive phone camera.
  • Drawing - Longest lasting hobby, coming up on about two decades soon. Two decades sounded more impressive than twenty years.
  • Coffee - Not strictly a hobby but definitely an interest, a hot, smooth, exhilarating interest...
  • Pinterest -  You'll laugh, but this really is an infinite resource of reference and inspiration.
  • CG Cinematics -  I could watch them all day, and I hope to the higher beings that Blizzard or Blur will one day make a full feature length film.

Even I'm starting to lose my mind here, people!


| Thoughts |

What inspires me? What motivates me and gets me to open that blank canvas and start arting about?

Well, art does. I spend hours and hours a week trailing through various online resources looking at reference, designs, creative problem solving, breakdowns and though at times it can be somewhat overwhelming and perhaps even disheartening, for the most part it is inspiring. It is encouraging and most importantly it creates the desire TO create.

I am huge Blizzard fan, maybe even a fan-boy. Blizzard games have always been a favourite of mine, I played Diablo as a wee lad, joined the World of Warcraft and occasionally venture into the Nexus to play as my favourite characters from all the franchises. The artistic style of their games has become somewhat trend setting and the beauty of their cinematics is known the world over. No, it's not only full CG cinematics I love, VFX and Motion Graphics also get the blood pumping, the oxygen flowing and the sweat dripping... That's right, this industry is hot stuff. 


If there is any advice I could give to an aspiring young artist, more specifically a 3D artist, it would be to stay inspired and keep creating.


I think I've rambled on enough, and before things get any weirder than the coffee fanaticism or my lust for computer graphics, let us end the home page tour here. Please remember to look through my gallery and view my showreel.

Let me know what you think!